Aurora Ramazzotti mostra il tatuaggio del volto del figlio: tutti i dettagli

Aurora Ramazzotti has revealed a beautiful tribute to her son Cesare. Michelle Hunziker’s daughter completed this homage to her child, who she had with Goffredo Cerza, in recent days. In fact, the influencer herself has stated that the tattoo is still healing. She had already shown part of the artwork a few months ago, in June. Specifically, she had shared a photo of her son’s name accompanied by a heart pierced by an arrow on her forearm.

Now, she has unveiled the entire tattoo, with the face of little Cesare. It is a beautiful tribute to her first child, which will remain indelible on her body. Aurora has satisfied fans who were curious to see her new tattoo through an Instagram Q&A session. Some of them specifically asked her to show her new tattoos. And while she was on a train to Rome, the new mom shared a picture of the tattoo portraying Cesare wearing sunglasses.

This detail did not go unnoticed by fans. Once again, Aurora chose to protect her son by hiding his eyes. She explained after Cesare’s birth that she would not share his face on social media, protecting his privacy.

Aurora Ramazzotti’s future on TV.

During her trip to Rome, with Berlin as her final destination, Aurora answered more questions from her fans. The influencer assured that her son “is constantly on my mind, even when I’m away for just a shower.” When she cannot smell him or hold him in her arms, she feels that something is missing. However, she is happy to know that he is in good hands during her few days of absences. “His dad and his grandmother are there,” Ramazzotti said, referring to Goffredo Cerza and Michelle Hunziker.

Meanwhile, some wonder if we will soon see her on television again or not. For now, Aurora has no intention of returning to the small screen. She has no ongoing TV projects as she decided to “take a break from everything.” She took advantage of the end of her pregnancy and the beginning of a new phase in her life to think about what she wants for her future.

“And you know, I am fully dedicated to Banano (her son). But soon I will take control again, and I’m sure that beautiful things will come. I just feel it.”

Young Ramazzotti concludes by thanking her supportive audience.