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Barbara d’Urso, la regina della tv, protagonista su Striscia la notizia



Antonio Ricci, the well-known presenter of the satirical news program Striscia la notizia, jokingly expressed his admiration for Barbara d’Urso and his lack of regard for her replacement, Myrta Merlino. In the latest episode, a segment was aired praising the “queen of TV,” as Barbara is often referred to, and criticizing Myrta Merlino’s debut on Canale 5 by calling her a “wandering journalist.”

Yesterday evening, Barbara d’Urso made a comeback on Canale 5 during the segment Fatti e rifatti on Striscia la notizia. The satirical news program dedicated an entire segment to her anger at being replaced on her long-standing show Pomeriggio 5 and the disappointment felt by the audience. They didn’t hesitate to take a few jabs at her replacement, Myrta Merlino, criticizing her greeting to d’Urso during the first episode and the numerous mistakes she has made in recent weeks.

During a press conference held last week in Cologno Monzese, Antonio Ricci spoke about the revolution that Mediaset is undergoing, openly sharing his thoughts on the replacement of Pomeriggio 5. “Myrta Merlino? I’ve never followed her, all I know is that her partner is Marco Tardelli. I don’t know what else to say about her, except that she went to replace Barbara d’Urso, who was a pillar of Mediaset,” he said. He also mentioned that he had wanted Barbara to make a surprise appearance on the first episode of Striscia by entering inside the Gabibbo (a character from the show), but she couldn’t due to legal issues. However, he hinted at “big surprises” coming in January.

To summarize, Antonio Ricci, known for his satirical news program, expressed his admiration for Barbara d’Urso and his lack of regard for Myrta Merlino. He jokingly referred to Barbara as the queen of TV and criticized Merlino’s debut on Canale 5. The segment also mentioned Barbara’s return to Canale 5 and the disappointment of the audience. Ricci openly shared his thoughts on the replacement of Pomeriggio 5, stating that Myrta Merlino took over from a pillar of Mediaset. He also hinted at surprises coming in January.