Belen Rodriguez ed Elio Lorenzoni: le fedi svelano il matrimonio

Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni seem to be really serious. In recent weeks, we had already understood that Belen was truly in love, as evidenced by the numerous posts on her Instagram profile where she dedicates sweet words to the Brescia entrepreneur. But until now, we hadn’t thought about the possibility of a possible marriage, maybe because it seemed far away, but as we know, Belen is unpredictable. Just yesterday, in fact, she posted some shots on social media showing her and her new partner with wedding rings.

Are Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni husband and wife?

“Me fui contigo” or “I went away with you”, this is the caption under the post published by Belen that summarizes the last few days spent in the mountains, with surprising photos: she posing near a stream with her hand covering half of her face and showing the ring. In her stories, she also shared a photo of Elio’s hand, also with the ring on his finger. In short, a detail that she clearly wanted to make public, but let’s think for a moment: she and her partner cannot have gotten married, at least legally. Her marriage to Stefano, in fact, is still valid and divorce proceedings have not yet been initiated.

Belen Rodriguez Elio Lorenzoni: a symbolic gesture with a promise?

The only real hypothesis in this whole story is that the two exchanged rings only symbolically, with the promise, perhaps, of getting married once the divorce with De Martino is official. What is certain is that these impulsive gestures by Belen did not please her followers, who criticized her in the comments. “You are no longer credible, I’m sorry,” writes one user. Followed by another: “What makes me more sorry is the new toy that, for a bit of notoriety, agrees to do all this circus.” And again: “It all seems so forced to me.”