“Confessione di Filippo: L’uccisione di Giulia e la lotta per la redenzione”

Combo di una foto di Giulia Cecchettin e una di Filippo Turetta estrapolate dal volantino digitale condiviso nei giorni scorsi dalla sorella sul suo profilo instagram. INSTAGRAM / SIDEREALFIRE +++ATTENZIONE LA FOTO NON PUO' ESSERE PUBBLICATA SENZA L'AUTORIZZAZIONE DELLA FONTE DI ORIGINE CUI SI RINVIA+++ NPK +++

Filippo Turetta, the prime suspect in the murder of Giulia, has confessed to the crime and revealed his failed suicide attempts. This shocking revelation came to light during Turetta’s interrogation by German authorities. He admitted to “killing my girlfriend” when questioned by investigators.

Extradition Order Issued for Filippo Turetta

The German court has ordered the extradition of Filippo Turetta to Italy. The decision will be communicated to the Ministry of Justice, which will then request the Ministry of the Interior to arrange Turetta’s transfer to Italy.

According to a statement from the German police, Filippo Turetta has given his consent to be handed over to Italian authorities. The Italian lawyer representing Turetta, Emanuele Compagno, received a note from the German police this morning confirming Turetta’s agreement.

“The delivery of the Italian citizen has been authorized today by the General Prosecutor’s Office in Naumburg. Therefore, his transfer to the custody of Italian authorities will take place within a few days,” stated Tatjana Letz, a prosecutor and head of the same regional General Prosecutor’s Office in Saxony-Anhalt.

Since Turetta has agreed to a simplified procedure for his extradition to Italy, a decision from the Naumburg Court of Appeal is no longer necessary. The court had previously confirmed Turetta’s detention in prison pending his transfer to Italian authorities based on the European arrest warrant. “As the suspect has consented to the simplified delivery and there are no obstacles to it, an additional decision from the court’s criminal division is not necessary for the delivery itself to be executed,” stated the court in a press release. The arrest warrant issued yesterday is the legal basis for maintaining the suspect’s detention until his delivery to Italian authorities.

Knife, Gloves, and Cellphone Found in Turetta’s Car

A spokesperson for the Halle police confirmed that Filippo Turetta’s black Fiat Punto is still in German judicial custody in a storage facility “in Germany” and will be “re-examined.” “The car is in police custody in Germany. We have it, and we are in contact with Italian investigators to determine when the vehicle will be re-examined from a technical-criminal perspective,” said the spokesperson for the police in Saxony-Anhalt.

A kitchen knife with a twelve-centimeter blade, believed to be the murder weapon, a pair of gloves, and a cellphone were found by the German police in Turetta’s bag inside the black Punto, which was stopped along the highway near Leipzig, according to local and national newspapers. Traces of blood were also discovered in the vehicle, as well as on the suspect’s shoes and clothes. Approximately 300 euros in cash were found, and further investigations are underway regarding the possible purchase of a foreign SIM card to use the cellphone without being traced.

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