“Grande Fratello: Beatrice Luzzi svela la verità su Rosy Chin in una notte di fuoco”

Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin had a disagreement in the Mystery Room of Grande Fratello. Here’s what they said to each other.

It seems that Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin can’t get along in Grande Fratello. After a previous discussion in the House, this hypothesis was further confirmed in the episode on Monday, September 18. During the show, Alfonso Signorini called Beatrice and Rosy to the mystery room for a confrontation.

The host of the reality show aired a video where Rosy talked about her roommate, telling the other contestants how good and respectful she had been: “Her mission is to wear me out. We are in a game and the pieces are moving. So far, I think I have been a nice and good person, even by not nominating her. I didn’t nominate her to give her a second chance. She scrutinizes and judges,” were her words.

The actress then replied, commenting on the clip and explaining what she believed were the chef’s flaws. According to her, the chef is too exuberant and exaggerated in her reactions, being too theatrical: “The problem is that I suffer from the fact that she is too exuberant and egocentric. Sometimes she’s too forced, exaggerating in her screams and reactions. In my opinion, she’s a bit too theatrical. Is my mission to ruin or wear out Rosy? Not at all. She takes many people, conspires, and this bothers me.”

The relationship between Beatrice and Rosy doesn’t seem to be the best. Who knows if, in the upcoming episodes, the two contestants will be able to find a common ground or if they will continue to clash inside Grande Fratello. We will have to wait for the next episodes to see how this situation unfolds.

Rosy Chin and the rumor about her restaurant

Aside from what happened in the House with Beatrice Luzzi, Rosy Chin has recently been at the center of a particular rumor. It seems that in her restaurant, a table is reserved every night for Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, in case they decide to show up. Regardless of the veracity of this rumor, Rosy Chin is a popular name when it comes to cuisine. The contestant, in fact, manages the sushi restaurant Yokohama in Milan (where she offers fusion cuisine) frequented by several celebrities. Rosy also appeared in the second season of The Ferragnez, and her entry into Grande Fratello was supported by compliments from artists like Paola Barale or Emma Marrone.

However, Rosy also made headlines for some of her behaviors inside the Grande Fratello House. In addition to the aforementioned confrontation with Beatrice Luzzi, the chef recently made a slip-up during a singing performance, changing a word in the song “Besame Mucho” into a vulgarity. The contestants, faced with such a situation, preferred to pretend as if nothing had happened.