Isabella Manuel a Verissimo: rivelata una sorprendente confessione

Isabella and Manuel, the protagonists of the latest edition of Temptation Island, gave a long interview this afternoon on Verissimo. After leaving the show hand in hand, the couple managed to overcome their difficulties and now appears more united than ever. Both stated that they understood their mistakes and were sure of their choice to stay together. However, during the interview, the two made an unexpected confession that even surprised Silvia Toffanin.

Isabella and Manuel revealed that they had been through a lot, as mentioned in a video message from Manuel’s sister. Manuel expressed his regret for not being able to give Isabella the happiness she deserved, saying he didn’t feel worthy. Isabella then explained that the timing was not right, as she had just graduated, was unemployed, and Manuel also didn’t have a job.

Their words hinted at a possible pregnancy, as Silvia asked if they had made a conscious choice. Isabella confirmed that they had made the only choice they could at that time, implying that they had decided to have an abortion. Silvia reassured them that nobody should judge them, as life is long and they did what they felt was right.

The interview shed light on a previously undisclosed chapter in Isabella and Manuel’s story, demonstrating their strength as a couple. Their honesty and ability to face the challenges they encountered in their relationship impressed both the audience and the host. Despite the hardships, Isabella and Manuel have learned from their mistakes and are determined to move forward together.

The couple’s interview on Verissimo attracted a lot of attention and sparked discussions among viewers. Many praised their openness and transparency, while others empathized with their difficult decision. Overall, the interview showcased the couple’s growth and their commitment to building a stronger future together.