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La reazione di Totti all’incontro di Ilary Blasi allo stadio: intervista con l’amico.



Francesco Totti, Noemi Bocchi, and Ilary Blasi were recently seen together at Tre Fontane Stadium to watch their son Cristian play in a game between Roma Primavera and Frosinone. However, what caused a stir was a video showing Totti’s new partner spying on Ilary Blasi’s Instagram profile. The cameras of Sport Italia captured the moment when Totti and Noemi realized that Blasi was at the stadium through a photo of the presenter with their son’s girlfriend.

Naturally, the video quickly went viral and social media was flooded with comments and memes. The reactions of the two parties generated controversy, especially due to Bocchi’s seemingly irritated expression. In response, Ilary chose to address the issue in her own way, throwing some ironic jabs at her ex-husband and Noemi. But what was Francesco Totti’s reaction? Coming to the defense of the athlete was one of his closest friends, Alex Nuccetelli.

Alex has consistently defended his friend since the announcement of his separation, and in this instance, he wanted to clarify the situation due to the numerous rumors. In an interview with TAG 24, Nuccetelli first stated that he firmly believed that Ilary had no intention of upsetting Totti and Noemi, as some had insinuated. It was simply a mother who wanted to see her son in action and cheer for him: “I think a mother has the right to see her son playing for Frosinone. I think Ilary has always been a wonderful mother and Francesco an excellent father.”

Francesco Totti appears to share the same opinion. The former Roma captain was reportedly not at all bothered by Ilary’s presence and has no problem with her. “Francesco is not upset at all. His priority is always his children, so if their mother is there, he is only happy,” stated Alex Nuccetelli. Therefore, the ex-footballer’s priority remains his three children, Cristian, Chanel, and Isabel. For this reason, he can only be content that the children have an excellent relationship with their mother, who is always there for them and present for every important event in their lives, as was the case with Cristian’s game.