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Le ambizioni di Federico Pellegrino nello sci di fondo: ecco le sue parole



Federico Pellegrino, two-time Olympic silver medalist and world champion in sprint skiing, is ready for another challenging season. In an interview with Adnkronos, he discusses his goals and the upcoming Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics.

Pellegrino has decided to focus more on his concentration rather than specific results as his objectives for the new season. With the recent birth of his son, he wants to give his best while managing the new demands of family life. Although his daily routine has changed, he believes that giving his all in every race and continuously improving is the key to success. While surpassing his third-place finish from last year may be difficult, Pellegrino doesn’t want to set any limits for himself.

Regarding the Milan-Cortina Olympics, Pellegrino sees it as a dream and a great opportunity. He recalls the 2014 Olympics in Russia as a warm and beautiful experience, while the 2018 Olympics in Korea and the upcoming one in Beijing have not been as satisfying. Participating in the Winter Olympics in the Alps, in the heart of cross-country skiing, would be a great honor and a significant achievement for him. Pellegrino believes that as long as he maintains a happy and balanced life with his family, he can aim for the 2026 Olympics.

Pellegrino places great importance on his physical and mental well-being. To optimize his psychophysical efficiency, he collaborates with companies like Starpool that specialize in athlete wellness and functional recovery. The use of advanced technologies, including sauna sessions, helps him recover and maintain his performance. Pellegrino learned about the benefits of saunas from Russian athletes and German coaches. He values proper nutrition, quality rest, and, of course, sauna sessions to enhance his stretching and breathing exercises.

Staying at a high level of performance becomes increasingly challenging with age, but Pellegrino acknowledges the growing awareness among athletes about the importance of recovery and well-being. Maintaining a balance between body and mind helps him stay healthy and perform at his best. Pellegrino emphasizes that every athlete needs to find their own equilibrium to achieve top results consistently.

Pellegrino shares his training routine, which includes running, sauna cycles with temperature variations, cold exposure (such as rolling in the snow or taking a cold shower), sipping herbal tea, and resting for 15 minutes. With the arrival of his son, his routine has adjusted, but he appreciates the support of his wife, who understands his profession. Pellegrino plans to continue competing as long as he can make his family feel his presence and dedication, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

Whether or not Pellegrino competes in front of his son at the 2026 Olympics, he remains focused on giving his best and embracing the advantages of his chosen profession. He is committed to being a happy and fulfilled athlete for as long as possible.