Le compagnie Moby, Tirrenia e Toremar parteciperanno al Ttg di Rimini, evento dedicato al turismo

Moby, Tirrenia, and Toremar, the Italian ferry companies, are already gearing up for the summer season and are preparing to present their new offerings to travel agencies at the upcoming Ttg Rimini, the most important event dedicated to the travel industry. One of the highlights of the next few years for these companies will be the arrival of Moby Legacy, the largest and most environmentally friendly ferry in the world, similar to its sister ship, Moby Fantasy. Both ships will be deployed on the Livorno-Olbia route, allowing for an extraordinary fleet. This, in turn, will lead to more routes, increased frequency, more comfortable and spacious ships, and a wider range of options for passengers.

In addition to extending the operating season for many routes, which will now start in spring and continue until late autumn, these companies are also helping destigmatize tourism in the islands, such as Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Elba, and the Tuscan Archipelago. The ships of Moby, Tirrenia, and Toremar will connect the Italian mainland to these beautiful island destinations.

During the Ttg Rimini event, scheduled from October 11th to 13th, the three ferry companies will showcase all the new features for the upcoming summer season, further strengthening their long-standing partnership with travel agencies. To show their appreciation, the companies will offer free trips to Sardinia and Sicily for two people, including a cabin, dinner, and breakfast. Those from Elba will have the opportunity to attend the Ttg event in Rimini, with a trip for two people and their car. This event is the ultimate destination for tourism professionals worldwide.

Be sure to visit booth 127 in pavilion A3 at the Rimini trade fair from October 11th to 13th. There, Moby, Tirrenia, and Toremar will reveal additional innovations that will revolutionize sea travel in Italy. With these companies, sailing becomes even more enjoyable.