Migranti: le nuove critiche di Salvini al giudice di Catania

Matteo Salvini continues to criticize Judge Iolanda Apostolico, who recently appeared in a video from 2018 at a pro-migrant rally. In a new video posted on social media, Salvini expresses concern and dismay about what has emerged. He accuses the judge of releasing more illegal immigrants and contesting the government’s immigration policies. Salvini claims that Judge Apostolico has insulted him in the past and has even participated in left-wing demonstrations supporting immigrants, where law enforcement officers were insulted. Salvini concludes by expressing deep embarrassment for all institutions and calling for collaboration to prevail with common sense and balance.

The opposition parties have reacted to Salvini’s attack on Judge Apostolico, accusing the government of conducting a dossier on her. Antonio Misiani of the Democratic Party (Pd) questions who filmed and preserved the video of the 2018 demonstration, suggesting that someone within the police force might be responsible. He also questions who transmitted the video to Salvini and asks for the opinion of Giorgia Meloni, the president of the right-wing party, on the alleged state dossier. Sandro Ruotolo, another member of the Democratic Party, also condemns the incident as an attempt to delegitimize opponents. He questions who gave the video to Salvini and suggests that the parliamentary intelligence oversight committee (Copasir) should investigate the matter.

However, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italia Viva supports Salvini’s argument. Renzi believes that a judge participating in a political event undermines the credibility and independence of the judiciary. He compares the case to that of General Vannacci, who was criticized for participating in a political rally. Renzi states that those who hold positions in the military or judiciary should respect the boundaries between their roles and political activism. He criticizes both the right and the left for defending one side and attacking the other, asserting that both Vannacci and Judge Apostolico were in the wrong.

In conclusion, Salvini’s criticism of Judge Apostolico has sparked political debate, with opposition parties questioning the origins of the video and its transmission to Salvini. Renzi supports Salvini’s argument against political involvement by judges, while also criticizing the right and the left for their selective defense and attack on different cases.