“Rai conferma l’acquisto di Flavio Briatore: in arrivo un nuovo show”

The Italian version of the popular American show, The Apprentice, is set to return after a ten-year hiatus. The announcement was made on Wednesday, October 4th by the program’s host, Flavio Briatore, who revealed some details on his Instagram profile.

Briatore himself will once again be playing the role of the Boss, and he explained the participation process for aspiring contestants in the new edition of The Apprentice through a video on social media. First and foremost, candidates must be between the ages of 19 and 35, and those who are interested must send their resumes to the email address provided by Briatore.

Further details about the broadcast were also revealed. The new season of The Apprentice will air in spring 2024, but this time not on Sky Uno, as in the previous edition. The third season of the show will be broadcast on Rai 2. “Those who do not send their resumes are out!” concluded Briatore, partially echoing a famous phrase from the show. Judging by the comments under the post, there seems to be a certain level of enthusiasm for the return of The Apprentice, whose broadcast is just a few months away.

The Apprentice: How it Works

In its two previous editions, The Apprentice saw aspiring businessmen and women compete in various managerial tasks in order to have the opportunity to work under Flavio Briatore for at least one year with a high-six-figure salary. The candidates were divided into two teams, and for each task, a team leader was elected to coordinate the group’s activities. The winning team would receive a reward, while the losing team would face a tough interview with the Boss, where at least one contestant would be eliminated.

Briatore and the Rumor about the Agreement with Gregoraci

This summer, a rumor circulated regarding Flavio Briatore and his ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoraci. It was speculated that the two had made an agreement after their separation in 2017. The basis of this agreement was that Flavio, Elisabetta, and their son would always remain a family, regardless of what might happen. However, these were merely unsubstantiated rumors that should be taken with a grain of salt.