Renzi critica duramente il governo al Festival di Open: “Un disastro”. E cosa pensa Schlein?

Matteo Renzi, leader of the political party Italia Viva, opened the second day of the Open Festival in Parma. During an interview with Franco Bechis, Renzi reflected on his past as the Prime Minister of Italy and discussed the upcoming European elections. He spoke about how, in just two years, he went from being one of the most powerful men in Italy to one of the most hated. Renzi fondly remembered the time when his name was being considered for a top position in NATO, but had to explain to then-Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that NATO and the UN were not the same thing.

Renzi also criticized his own party, the Democratic Party, stating that he preferred the party when it was winning elections and not just primaries. He mentioned how they used to pass laws on civil unions, whereas now they are content with attending pride parades. He also criticized Conte and Elly Schlein, stating that their opposition to the government actually helps the right-wing party led by Giorgia Meloni.

Renzi then shifted his focus to the Meloni-led government, claiming that they are falling behind on various issues, particularly immigration. He accused the right-wing parties of deceiving the public with their rhetoric on immigration and highlighted the importance of saving lives at sea instead of turning people away. Renzi emphasized the need to integrate immigrants into Italian society, starting with sending children to school.

Renzi also criticized Meloni’s alignment with Viktor Orban and questioned the idea of bringing religion into politics. He expressed his confusion over the positions taken by Meloni and the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, on various issues. Lastly, Renzi mentioned the Mes (European Stability Mechanism) and its potential to provide funding for the healthcare system, which he believes is crucial as the population ages.

In conclusion, Renzi used his speech to criticize the current government’s handling of various issues and to emphasize the importance of integration and respect for the law in relation to immigration. He also questioned the positions taken by Meloni and Schlein and highlighted the need for funding in the healthcare sector.