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Ryder Cup in Italia: Chimenti rivela il suo ruolo determinante come presidente



Franco Chimenti, the President of Federgolf, expressed his relief and excitement during a presentation of Sky’s programming for the upcoming Ryder Cup. Chimenti revealed that he had been anxious before the announcement of the competing countries, as the tension was high in his hotel room. Eventually, it was revealed that Spain would be Italy’s main competitor in the competition. Chimenti expressed his satisfaction that Italy had emerged victorious.

Gian Paolo Montali, the General Director of the “Ryder Cup 2022 Project,” shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming event. He emphasized the importance of attention to detail and the commitment to meeting the requests of the English and American teams. Montali also revealed that a city had been created on the golf course for the event, with the involvement of three different teams.

Marzio Perrelli, the Executive Vice President of Sport at Sky Italy, expressed his pleasure in hosting the Ryder Cup on Sky. He compared the event to the World Cup, Rugby World Cup, and the Olympics, highlighting its significance. Perrelli also mentioned his pride in being able to broadcast the event in its entirety with the help of the latest technology.

Perrelli further explained that the Ryder Cup would serve as a boost for the Golf channel on Sky and expressed his hope of increasing the sport’s popularity among Italians. He also stated that Sky has been a significant investor in sports coverage in Italy for the past 20 years.

During the presentation, it was revealed that over 50 hours of live coverage would be dedicated to the event on Sky. The Ryder Cup will commence on September 29, preceded by three days of training for the players. Additional events, such as the All-Star Match and the Junior Ryder Cup, will also take place leading up to the main competition.

In conclusion, the Ryder Cup is set to be an exciting event for golf enthusiasts in Italy, with extensive coverage provided by Sky. The anticipation and preparation for the competition were evident during the presentation, and the organizers expressed their commitment to making it a memorable experience.