Sarah Nile: comprensione per Barbara d’Urso, madre licenziata.

Sarah Nile, ex contestant on the reality show Grande Fratello, recently posted on Instagram reflecting on her recent dismissal and questioned whether a woman can be fired for becoming a mother. She revealed that she was terminated without notice just a few weeks ago.

According to Sarah, something doesn’t add up in this situation. She received the news of her dismissal five months after the birth of her second child. She also mentioned that another colleague who had just given birth was fired before her. Sarah expressed her confusion over why another colleague was fired at three months of pregnancy, just a few days after she received her termination letter on September 7th.

Sarah also shared how much she loves her work, often prioritizing it over herself. She even continued working during her pregnancy, despite the challenges she faced in her journey with assisted reproductive technology. She mentioned the sleepless nights, medication, hormones, visits, pregnancy tests, and therapies she went through to give her best. Sarah hoped for a future filled with professional and personal satisfaction.

In addition, Sarah empathized with Barbara d’Urso, a well-known Italian TV host who was removed from her show earlier this summer. She understood how Barbara must have felt, as she too was dedicated to her work but was not able to succeed or even say goodbye to her audience.

Sarah shared her story alongside two photos. One photo showed a pregnancy test with the word “dismissed”, while the other displayed a message explaining that she would reveal what happened between September 4th and 15th, indicating that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah Nile became a mother for the second time on March 19th. She previously shared her difficult journey with assisted reproductive technology and the risks she faced during her pregnancy. She had to undergo an emergency C-section when she stopped feeling her baby move, discovering that her daughter had two loops of cord around her neck. Despite the challenges, Sarah found joy in the birth of her daughter.