“Scoperta opera teatrale inedita di Andrea Camilleri: un prezioso tesoro della drammaturgia italiana”

Andrea Camilleri nel corso della presentazione de La mossa del cavallo, film tv tratto dal suo romanzo storico con protagonista Michele Riondino e con la regia di Gianluca Tavarelli, una produzione Palomar, a Roma 22 febbraio 2018. ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

Andrea Camilleri’s Lost Play Rediscovered by His Daughter

In a surprising turn of events, a previously discarded work by Andrea Camilleri has been unearthed. Titled “Giudizio a mezzanotte” (Midnight Judgment), the play was discovered by Camilleri’s daughter, Andreina, among the piles of papers stored in their home in Rome. The story behind this lost text was revealed by Giuseppe Dipasquale, a former student and friend of Camilleri, during the presentation of his book “Il teatro certamente” (The Theater, Certainly) in Palermo.

Camilleri, known for his acclaimed novels, had always considered himself incapable of being a playwright. However, this early work, written when he was just 22 years old, won the prestigious Faber Prize in 1947. Ironically, upon rereading the play during a train journey back to Sicily, Camilleri dismissed it as “rubbish” and threw it out of the window.

It remains unclear whether Camilleri truly distanced himself from his own creation, which he believed reeked of modernism, or if he had kept a copy hidden away. Nevertheless, the text has now resurfaced thanks to his daughter’s unexpected discovery. Dipasquale, who has compiled anecdotes and dialogues with the late author in his book, announced that the play will be published. This revelation raises the intriguing possibility that Camilleri may have left behind other unpublished works, showcasing his vibrant literary talent once again.