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Serena Bortone: Le ragioni dietro la sua partenza da Rai1 e il costo che si paga



Chesarà, the new talk show on Rai 3, will be hosted by Serena Bortone and will replace Massimo Gramellini’s show, who has made the decision to move to La7. The show will be broadcast in the prime time slot on Saturdays and Sundays. Bortone revealed some details about the show during a press conference, explaining that it will be tailored to her personality and will focus on the reality that surrounds us and the future ahead. The director of Rai’s in-depth programming, Paolo Corsini, also spoke about the show, describing it as something “in Serena’s style”. He emphasized the importance of inclusivity and representing everyone in society.

Bortone’s return to Rai 3 is not her first foray on the network, as she started her career there before moving to Rai 1 to host “Oggi è un altro giorno”. Talking about her decision to stay with Rai, she expressed her pride in being part of a public service company. Regarding the unexpected cancellation of her previous show, Bortone highlighted her commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity and expressed her pride in the cultural program she created.

During the press conference, Bortone also revealed the names of some of the guests for the first two episodes of Chesarà, including Pedro Almodóvar, Corrado Augias, Filippo Timi, Anna Galiena, and Matteo Garrone. Bortone mentioned that Francesco Paolantoni will also appear as a guest with his ironic take on reality.

When asked about the challenge of following Fabio Fazio’s popular show “Che Tempo che fa”, Corsini explained that Chesarà will be tailored to Bortone’s unique style and approach, while still representing the reality in all its aspects. The aim is to attract a wider and possibly different audience.

Chesarà will premiere on Rai 3 tomorrow, September 23rd, and promises to be an inclusive and engaging talk show hosted by Serena Bortone.