UEd: Delirio in studio con la richiesta di chiamare il 118. Maria ha già una preferita.

Tina Cipollari, the opinionist of Uomini e Donne, stirred up controversy in today’s episode. The animosity between Tina and Elio from the previous season was hard to forget for loyal viewers of the show. However, Elio chose not to file a complaint against Tina as he had initially planned.

The first argument of this season ignited when Tina announced her snack time: “I have to eat multiple times a day.” Some cannoli with ricotta were brought in, and Tina started offering them to the audience. Maria immediately pointed out to Elio that it was a jab at him, as everyone knows he can’t stand being near people who eat ricotta due to a childhood issue.

Tensions rose when Tina revealed that she had refused to greet Elio just before the show: “Clowns belong in their own homes. After we talked about lawsuits and everything else, he comes to ask for a handshake.” This sparked a heated discussion filled with insults and accusations, reminiscent of last year’s clashes.

At one point, Tina even yelled, “I want to call 911 now!” This scene has been circulating on social media as a new gem from Tina, who was called a “fool” by Elio.

In other news from the show, many viewers are certain that the contestant Beatriz has already won over Maria. The host called the two tronists, Brando and Cristian, to the center of the studio. Then, Beatriz joined them, and Maria immediately asked if she was nervous. Queen Mary tried to reassure her, explaining to everyone present that Beatriz had shared her compelling story during their private conversation.

De Filippi assured Beatriz that she would not be judged for the choices she has made in her life and showed understanding towards her. They then aired Beatriz and Brando’s private conversation. During their first meeting, Beatriz tearfully revealed that her mother had passed away about a year ago. They hadn’t seen each other in a while, and her mother had asked for a meeting before she died.

Beatriz chose not to meet her mother and shared this heartbreaking confession on camera: “She’s someone who disappeared.” Maria’s gesture of getting up and bringing a water bottle to Beatriz did not go unnoticed. Gianni Sperti also showed his sympathy towards Beatriz and her emotional story.

Beatriz is currently causing a stir between Brando and Cristian. Spoilers from upcoming recordings reveal that she is indecisive and torn between the two tronists. This detail is irritating both Brando and Cristian.

The episode started with Ciro and Maria Teresa, two new participants in the Over Throne for seniors. Their connection quickly fizzled as Maria Teresa admitted that she wanted someone who enjoyed going dancing. It was a lighthearted and funny moment as Ciro opened up about his life. Maria eventually had to interrupt him to continue with the show, kindly asking him to return to his seat.

Next, Maria brought a man, Antonio M., into the studio, who had contacted the production to meet Roberta Di Padua. However, Roberta was not impressed and decided not to keep him. Gianni Sperti was disappointed by her decision and asked the other ladies for their opinion. Initially, no one volunteered, which riled up the opinionist: “All of you, Sharon Stone look-alikes, who are you waiting for? Tom Cruise?”

Gemma Galgani admitted that she was surprised by how emotional Antonio was, and then Emanuela spoke up. She confessed to finding Antonio attractive. Maria asked Antonio to stay for Emanuela, and he accepted.