“Damme na mano a faje di’ de si”.

The most famous and cheerful Roman folk song goes like this: “Semo ragazzi fatti cor pennello e le ragazze famo innamora’.” We’re brush-painted like guys and all the gals fall in love. After all, this is how Romans are; they are amiable, nice and joyful. In other words, they got it and while they are naturally gifted for it, part of the praise should go to their city (as the old proverb goes over here, Let’s render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s).


Rome is a whirlwind of emotions. Rome is being stuck in a traffic jam and never-ending waits at the bus stops. It is clamorous at the local markets and the smell of sautéed garlic at noon. Above all, Rome is also a nest to unique and enchanted places that offer a perfect, ancient frame to lovers’ most ancient but still romantic display of affection: the kiss.

Another less famous folk song says “Damme na mano a faje di’ de sí”. Help me to make her say yes. It has never been a secret that Rome, La Grande Bellezza’s hometown, can really be the one triggering that unforgettable kiss’s magic moment.

In this article, I am going to suggest five places in Rome that will help you ‘make them say yes’.

Remember: even if you are not from Rome, which means you are not brush painted-like, in Rome you have one more chance to secure that magic, long dreamed kiss as if whispered by the same very Roman famous west wind.

The romantic kiss

A long walk on Monte Mario leads to an amazing and breath-taking view of Rome. In fact, from the Zodiaco belvedere Rome looks as if made of cupolas, old buildings and Mediterranean pines as far as the Roman Hills’ slopes. zodiaco, roma

From up here, when the sun goes down, the stage curtains opens up to reveal a star-pointed sky over a one-in the world panorama, making you one kiss away from perfection.


The colourful kiss

We are in Campo de’ Fiori; since 1869, the local market has made this Roman square one of the most loved by its inhabitants. What is it that is going to give colour to your kiss? First of all, the stalls displaying all sorts of fresh vegetables. But the real Roman touch will be given by the merchants, true hard-core Romans who will charm you to try their best merchandise
bacio a roma

I can hear them: “Try this sweet clementine, signori’!” And between a stroll in the close-by Piazza Navona and a free clementine, a passionate Roman kiss in the middle of one of Rome’s oldest markets will feel just like a movie.

The tasteful kiss

Have you ever been to Esquilino? If you have, then the question that follows is: Have you ever eaten there? If the answer is no, my advice to you is to venture on foot through the most multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Rome and be part a local gastro experiment. The choice here is quite wide: Arabic restaurants of all sorts as well as Chinese and Indian at every corner. I suggest you and your lover choose from a very spiced menu using the same food dressings. What turns a tasteful kiss into a unique one is that an exotic and delicious flavours will always be linked to that sweet memory, making it impossible to forget!

The silent kiss

Are you into the Twilight saga and easily fascinated by the dark side? If you answered yes, then you’ll like what you are about to read. The Monumental Cemetery of Verano is a historic go-to place for tourists, although it represents something completely different for Rome’s citizens. 

As you walk through its paths, you will be amazed by the magnificence of Verano’s tombs which are real monuments of their own. The soul of many highly regarded Italian artists rest here and they will be the only witness to your marvellous but above all, silent kiss.


The stolen kiss

Here’s the thing: You have made up your mind about spending the day in the city centre and you are committed to travel by underground. In fact, you know well that Rome does not host only catacombs under its surface; a well-connected net of transports runs here and in a blink of the eye will take you from Piazza di Spagna to the Vatican. What if after the long day in Rome, on your way back home your sweet half needs to get off at a different stop than yours. Here’s what you shall do.

When the doors open and the passengers leave the train, your lover will be the last one to get off. When the beeping sound announces the closing door, you lean forward and stamp a quick, stolen kiss on their lips. While the door slides closed, enjoy the expression on their face suggesting they are still feeling your lips on theirs as the train departs.

Have you enjoyed our story of some of Rome’s most fascinating places seen through the eyes of love? Comment and let us know in which sites of Rome you gave the most desirable kiss of your life, we’re curious to hear!

TRASLATION CREDIT: Paolo Castiglione, acrossthechannel.org

PHOTO CREDIT: Andrea Pellegrini, lafoto_it