Aurora Ramazzotti: la decisione sul 2° figlio scontro con Goffredo per i costi

Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza recently had their first joint interview as parents with the magazine Gente. During the interview, they mainly discussed the birth of their son Cesare and the difficulties Aurora faced when she could no longer breastfeed him. The couple also talked about the possibility of having a second child.

Aurora mentioned that they are not thinking about getting married at the moment because they want to have another baby first. She believes that it would be best for Cesare to have a sibling close in age. However, Goffredo mentioned that there is a big difference between having a first and second child. Aurora disagreed, stating that the first child brings about a significant change. Goffredo also mentioned that having another child would require additional expenses such as a larger house and car. They acknowledged that they need to find a compromise on this delicate matter.

Aurora also discussed her experience with childbirth and the societal pressure she faced regarding her choice to have a cesarean section and her inability to breastfeed. She believes that every mother should be allowed to decide how to give birth. She also addressed the criticism she has faced, saying that it used to bother her but now she has learned to let it slide. However, she still finds it painful when she is compared to her mother, Michelle Hunziker. She has worked on herself and has become more stable as a woman. Her main focus now is feeling good and healthy when she looks at herself in the mirror, rather than worrying about others’ opinions of her appearance.

After giving birth, Aurora went through a difficult period due to hormone imbalances and found herself crying for an entire day. However, things have gotten better for her as Cesare has grown, and she has adjusted to motherhood. She can also rely on Michelle Hunziker, who she considers to be the best babysitter. Michelle is crazy about her grandson and wants to have him with her all the time. Aurora mentioned how Michelle often calls and asks when Cesare can come and stay overnight, but she is hesitant because Cesare still wakes up during the night. Aurora jokingly said that she doesn’t believe Michelle when she claims that Cesare sleeps through the night.

A few weeks ago, Aurora shared a photo of her tattoo dedicated to her son Cesare on social media. The tattoo depicts Cesare’s face with sunglasses, intentionally hiding his eyes. This is because Aurora values her son’s privacy and does not share his face on social media.

During the social media post, Aurora also answered some questions from her followers. When asked if she would soon be back on television, Aurora explained that she had taken a break from everything and currently has no television projects. She is not planning on returning to TV for now, but who knows what the future holds.