Sophie Codegoni: Effetti distruttivi della chirurgia plastica, la sua relazione con Basciano inesorabilmente conclusa

Sophie Codegoni, ex tronista of Uomini e Donne and former contestant of Grande Fratello Vip, recently opened up about her experience with plastic surgery. In an interview on the TV show “È sempre Cartabianca,” she admitted that she had destroyed herself through excessive cosmetic procedures. She urged young women not to make the same mistakes by seeking an unattainable standard of perfection through surgery.

Sophie revealed that she had started getting lip fillers at the age of 16 because her lips were thin and slightly asymmetrical. She confessed that she constantly wanted larger and more beautiful lips. Instead of getting injections every six months, she began getting them every two or three months. She realized that she had gone too far and sought treatment to reduce the size of her lips.

She also discussed her decision to get breast augmentation, admitting that she had wanted a perfect breast that didn’t exist. Sophie attributed her insecurities to the influence of social media, particularly her obsession with model Bella Hadid. She felt a constant need to compete with the unrealistic beauty standards portrayed on social media.

Meanwhile, rumors continue to circulate about the status of Sophie’s relationship with Alessandro Basciano. Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica claimed that their relationship had ended. It seems likely, as they haven’t been seen together in weeks and are leading separate lives. Many fans speculate that their love has faded. Neither Sophie nor Basciano have denied these rumors. Furthermore, Sophie removed the engagement ring that Basciano had given her.

The only positive sign is a heart emoji that Basciano recently left on one of Sophie’s social media posts. However, it is worth noting that the post also included a picture of their daughter, Celine Blue. This suggests that Basciano’s affection was directed towards their child rather than Sophie, who is likely already his ex-partner.